Our beginning in Vienna

Our introduction to photography started a couple of years ago while traveling, in Vienna. It was then when walking through the city we found ourselves spending hours trying to render the perfect picture of the place we were seeing with our eyes. It’s worth mentioned that, when this all happened, all we had as equipment was our cell phones.

Anyway, as we were saying, we admired the surroundings, and found ourselves wanting to render the full magnitude of some of the landscape or object exactly as we were seeing it with our eyes, but no matter how many times we tried, no shot was anywhere near what we wanted to look like. Now, in technical terms I would say that the composition or the sharpness of the photos were lacking, but then we had no idea what composition or sharpness meant. I know, many of you will say that you can’t take good photos with a cell phone, but whether that is true to some extent or not, it is the subject of another discussion.

Anyhow, moving further, we visited the zoo and as I remember it, it was packed with missed shots that remained printed on our retina but not on our phones (that moment being probably the one that we realized we wanted to do wildlife photography). As a consequence, I can honestly say that we’ve immortalized some wonderful moments in some terrible pictures. Still, it was good fun. Anytime I look at those pictures it brings me good memories and I always find myself laughing and criticizing the lacking technique.

Then we wanted to take some shots of the architecture in the city, that Vienna has no shortage of – palaces with superb architecture like the Schönbrunn Palace, Saint’s Stephan Cathedral, The City Hall, The Opera House, and many more. In this area I think we did a pretty decent job, capturing a few decent shots of the Schönbrunn Palace and The Belvedere Palace.

Finally, it was there, in Austria, when we discovered this passion and moving towards it all time since then. As we got back home we decided to buy our first DSLR that was a Nikon D5600, with a 18-55 kit lens as a start.

We posted a few of the photos from that trip, and if you like what you’ve seen on this site, feel free to like share and subscribe.

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2 thoughts on “Our beginning in Vienna

  1. Sunt superbe toate fotografiile !
    Se vede daruirea si profesionalismul de care dati dovada.
    Mi ar fi greu sa aleg una care mi ar placea in mod deosebit! Toate sunt minunate…
    Felicitari si succes in aceasta arta!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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